Interactive Water Rendering with Caustics (and Sharks)

Test Shark shows off


Getting there

Getting there

Intersecting shark mesh with water


3 Responses to “Interactive Water Rendering with Caustics (and Sharks)”

  1. Guille^Cocoon Says:

    Nice ! What is the trick to compute the water / shark intersection shape ?

    • skytiger Says:

      It was harder than I thought … and I haven’t perfected it yet.
      I used near and far clip planes to take a slice from the shark into a render target.
      But this leaves gaps (which surprised me as I thought I understood homogenous clipping, oh well)
      You get less gaps as you separate the clip planes, but then you get anomalies (fin ripples but no fins)
      So I try and keep them close together and fix the gaps just by “jiggling” and blurring (bodging)
      It all comes down to: how does the GPU clip a triangle that crosses both near and far clip planes?

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